Whatever the event you are planning, our Inflatable marquees provide a unique contemporary event space that will set you apart from the crowd, and provide the back drop to an event that people will remember.

We have structures available to suit all types of event…Cubes, Domes, air roofs…whatever you have planned we will talk you through the options and come up with the perfect inflatable marquee!

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Option to Buy… We also offer the option to buy a structure for those who plan to use a structure on an ongoing basis, e.g. a road show or long term marketing campaign, in order to offer the best value deal for you.

The nature of the Inflatable marquees allows them to be installed in as little as 4 hours – reducing labour costs, venue hire costs and perfect for last minute events where time is precious. The air cavity walls provide amazing thermal and sound insulation, allowing guests to remain warm or cool and reduce noise entering and exiting your event.

Perfect for…Pop-up events, road-shows, information points, exhibition stands, product launches, conferences and presentations
Perfect for… Pop-up restaurants and bars, hospitality area, VIP areas
Perfect for...Concerts, live acts, music events, live demonstrations

Power of branding

We know how important branding is to our customers, all our structures can be branded offering maximum impact.
We offer a number of versatile branding options, such as:

Adhesive Graphics / Stickers

A high quality temporary way to brand our inflatable structures. Weatherproof. Up to 2 sq/m per sticker. Simply stick one or more graphics onto the structure to instantly create identity.

Printed Cover

Add a fully printed cover – the cover sits on top of the structure like a ‘skin’ giving an instant branded finish. Offers flexibility - if branding isn’t required the cover can be left off leaving the white finish of the structure.

Full Print

Or even directly print onto the structure – the structures can be printed in any design and using any colours. Ideal for long term campaigns when a structure is being purchased.