1Q) I have seen pictures of your marquees lit up in different colours, how does this work?
A) This effect is created by LED light bars that sit inside the wall cavities. These LED light bars can provide over 30 million different colour options so the cubes can glow in any colour of your choice, and can change colour at any time; they can even change colour in time to the music.
2Q) How are the inflatables marquees fixed to the ground?
A) The structures can be erected onto grass using a ground fixing system without the need for unsightly guide ropes or poles. Or installation onto hard-standing (e.g. concrete) is also possible by using ballast, fitted inside of the wall cavities, to secure the structure in place whilst not spoiling the look of the structure
3Q) What do we do about heating or cooling these marquees?
A) Our marquees are suitable for standard heating and air conditioning units. In fact, the design of the marquee itself, with its large air cavities in the walls, provides thermal insulation, helping to keep the space warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
4Q) Can the marquees have doors?
A) Yes. We can provide glazed doors, these provide a great finish to the marquee and also help to keep the inside warm or cool. Alternatively, and depending on your event, the entrance can be left open to allow free-flow of guests between inside and outside.
5Q) Do you supply other things as well as the Cubes?
A) Yes, we provide additional services connected to the operation of the Cubes such as flooring, lighting and other accessories that work with the marquees. Through trusted suppliers, we can also supply a full range of other services. However, if a client prefers, they can arrange these services themselves. Or indeed, mix and match as they see fit.
6Q)How much does it cost to hire these inflatable marquees?
A) As every event is unique with a number of choices to be made to tailor the event to suit you, we provide a bespoke quote for every event. We will listen to your requirements and create a package to suit your needs in order to offer you the best value for money. Contact us now for your free quote.
7Q) How many people can the inflatable marquees hold?
A) This all depends on the format of your event, for example, whether seated around tables, conference-style or exhibition-style. We have a number of different sizes to suit any event, we will listen to your requirements and advise you on the most suitable size.