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5 Event Theme Ideas To Try

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Putting on an event is a huge undertaking and if it’s something you do regularly it can be difficult to constantly have new and innovative ideas to make sure each one is different from the last. Paying close attention to what’s going on each year can prove really inspiring, however, especially when it comes to deciding on what theme you should base your event around. Here are five ideas to consider for 2016.

Roald Dahl

There have been so many Roald Dahl events going on this year because it’s the author’s centenary and what better, more imaginative theme could you possibly come up with for your next event? Your workers will love it, your delegates will think it’s inspired and you’ll soon make a name for yourself as a big time event organiser.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2016

If you want to go for something simpler, why not base your event colours on Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2016 – rose quartz and serenity. These colours are meant to be tranquil and very soothing, representing people’s desire for security and reassurance. Why not try and bring in a few of these pastel shades the next time you’re planning an event?


A look at cinema listings will prove just how popular superheroes are at the moment and if you want to hold an event based around this kind of theme, why not opt for Batman? The caped crusader turned 50 at the start of the year so why not turn your inflatable marquee into a replica of Gotham for an exciting party that’s sure to impress?

The Jungle Book

The live-action movie of The Jungle Book came out earlier this year so why don’t you use this as a bit of inspiration and bring the jungle to life for your next event? You could go wild with animal print, tropical plants and a delicious menu or buffet to really get people excited about the whole affair.


One of the biggest events that took place in 2016 absolutely has to be the Olympic Games that took place in Rio a few weeks ago. Even though it’s after the fact, a Rio-inspired event could be just what you’re looking for so do some research to see just what this might entail. We’re thinking big, bold, bright colours and lots of music and entertainment.

Why don’t you chat to your colleagues to see if they have any bright ideas where themes are concerned? They’re sure to have opinions on this and will feel highly valued if you seek out their thoughts and ideas – especially if you end up picking their choice of theme! Why not put an email together with a few theme suggestions and hold a poll around the office to see what everyone would prefer?


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