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Septic Tank Waste Removal

Septic Tank Waste Removal

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Cesspool Waste Removal

Cesspool Waste Removal

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Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants

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Our septic tank emptying service is simple and straightforward – simply contact us to book in, and we will find a date to call that is convenient for you.  One of our expert team we will then come out to remove, transport and dispose of your liquid waste safely, at a licenced facility.

Covering the whole of East Yorkshire and surrounding areas, we remove liquid waste from septic tanks, cesspools , sewage treatment plants; as well as from Elsan disposal points and  chemical toilets – wherever your liquid waste, we can remove it!

You may be looking for a one-off empty, a routine empty, or find yourself in need of an emergency call out, either way please get in touch for a quote!  We service both domestic households, and commercial properties and sites.

If you don’t know the size of your tank or if an empty is due, that is not a problem – when you first have an empty with us, we will be able to tell you the condition of the tank and how full it was. We can then use this information to help advise you on how often you should be having an empty.

If you would then like to set up an annual or regular service with us, we can arrange this for you. We will then send a reminder when your empty is due, and will arrange with you to call at a time that is convenient. Click here to contact us and book in.



Does my septic tank need emptying?  Key signs to look for!

– Slow drainage in your household or property
– Bad smell coming from your drains
– Standing water, or pooling near or around your tank
– Toilets flushing slowly
– Pooling of water around the drainage field
– Overflow of sludge

It is always advisable to keep on top of the servicing, the aim being to avoid any of these things before they happen, keeping the tank running efficiently, and prolonging the life of your tank. If left too long you risk solid waste overflowing into your drainage system or blocking the inlet to the tank which can both lead to damage and costly repairs. If you are experiencing any of these issues please contact us to book in your empty.

Emergency Call Out Service

Inevitably, when not emptied regularly, overflows can happen, and if this happens we offer an emergency call-out service to quickly empty your tank and help get you out of trouble. If you need your tank emptying at short notice, please contact us without delay and we will endeavour to come out to you as quick as we can! Contact us using the link below.



I have a cesspit, how often does this need emptying?2024-06-05T12:42:54+01:00

Just like a septic tank, cesspits or ‘cesspools’ need regular emptying, how often depends on the size of the cesspit and how big your household is. As a cesspit is a contained tank with no outlet, there is only one place for an overflow to go and that is backing up into your drains. If you suspect you are ready for an empty we would recommend booking without delay, based on the volume of waste we remove and when your last empty was we can help advise on how often you should be having an empty.

I have a new sewage treatment plant, does this still need emptying?2024-06-05T12:42:54+01:00

Yes. If you had your tank installed after 1st January 2020 when the septic tank regulations changed, the chances are that you might have a new sewage treatment plant. A sewage treatment plant cleans the water so it can safely discharge to a waterway, however the solid material or ‘sludge’ which settles to the bottom still needs to be removed periodically. Most manufacturers recommend annual emptying.

How does a septic tank work?2024-06-05T12:42:54+01:00

In short, a septic tank works by receiving the wastewater which flows from your property, where micro-organisms then start to break down the organic waste. The tank then relies on gravity to separate the water from the solids. The treated water flows out to your soakaway or field drainage system, and the solids settle at the bottom. This solid material or ‘sludge’ builds up over time and needs to be removed.

It is not recommended to wait until your septic tank is completely full to do this, as leaving it until this point will start to affect the efficiency of how the tank is functioning. A septic tank is considered full when the capacity of the tank is filled with 35% solid material.

How often do I need my tank emptied?2024-06-05T12:42:54+01:00

This depends on the size of your tank, number of people in your household, and how often you are home. A couple who are out most of the week at work, vs. a family with a busy life centred around the home, will have different emptying requirements. Some household may be able to last 18 months between empties, whereas some households may need an empty every 6 – 9 months.

The environment agency as a rule of thumb recommends emptying annually to ensure the tank runs efficiently and effectively, maintaining the health of the tank and preventing impact to the environment.

Do you have a waste carriers licence?2024-06-05T12:42:54+01:00

Yes. We are registered waste carriers with the Environment Agency. We issue Duty of Care Waste Transfer Notes to every customer, and to Yorkshire Water, meaning your waste is fully traceable.

Do you issue Duty of Care Waste Transfer notes?2024-06-05T12:42:54+01:00

Yes. A Duty of care waste transfer note will be given to you along with your invoice. This Duty of Care waste transfer note should be kept for your records, as it is your proof that your waste has been disposed of legally by a registered waste carrier.

Do you do emergency call outs?2024-06-05T12:42:54+01:00

Yes. Please get in touch and we will get out to you as soon as we can!

How much does it cost?2024-06-05T12:42:54+01:00

How much it costs will all depend on the amount of waste we remove. We only charge for what we take away. There is a minimum call out fee which covers the first 1000 gallons removed, with a pricing scale upwards from there. We will then send you an invoice for payment.  Please contact us for a free quote.

What should I expect from your visit?2024-06-05T12:42:54+01:00

One of our professional team will arrive on site, locate your septic tank, and by using a vacuum hose will suck out and remove the sludge and liquid waste from your tank, cesspool or sewage treatment plant.

How do I book in with you?2024-06-05T12:42:54+01:00

You can either call, email or send a message through our website. We will then check the diary and will fit you in at a time and date to suit you.

What happens if I don’t empty my tank regularly?2024-06-05T12:42:53+01:00

The first sign you might spot is a bad smell in your home coming from your drains, and your water not flowing as it should. Slow drainage and a bad smell inside or outside around your tank is a sure sign you might be overdue an empty. Keeping on top of the emptying is essential to prevent your drains getting backed up, potentially leading to damage to your drainage system which can be costly to fix.  We recommend a regular service to ensure the efficient running of your septic tank.

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